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Meet the needs of the community, encourage acceptance and kindness, and promote a better community through service.


The Millbrae Lions Club has served the Millbrae community and beyond since its charter on January 13, 1938. The Millbrae Lions Club focuses on children and emergency services. Programs include: The Millbrae Leos Club, Boys Scouts Troop 355, Cub Scouts Pack 355, and Little League Baseball.


The Millbrae Lions Club also donates and volunteers for Relay for Life, The Millbrae Education Foundation, school fundraisers and much more non-profits and organizations. 

Click here to find out how to join us.


  • Be a presence at community functions

  • Interact closer with other community groups.

  • Interact more often with groups of diverse cultures.

  • Encourage and promote youth engagement.

  • Ensure that our new members (active men and women in our community) get involved early in their membership and fit our expectations of sweat equity supporting our projects and programs…not just writing the check


Why Join the Millbrae Lions?

  • Gain Valuable Skills. ...

  • Get the Chance to Do Good. ...

  • Take Advantage of Continuing Education. ...

  • Make New Friends

  • Impress your kids and grand kids!

  • 100% return on good vibes.

  • Have FUN!

During the COVID19 crisis, the Millbrae Lions Club donated 1,000 masks to first responders and another 6,000 masks to 600 families, seniors, and students.


During and after the San Bruno gas eruption, the Millbrae Lions Club provided food to emergency responders and displaced families. Many of the members completed the Community Emergency Responder Training (CERT). 


Lion club members enjoy the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference for their community. Why not feel the difference in your life and join us?

Contact us by email at or mail us a letter to PO Box 328, Millbrae, CA 94030. To receive news and information on future Millbrae Lions Club community benefit projects or social activities, sign up here.

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