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LEOS Advisor's page

The Millbrae Lions Club sponsors and supports a Leos Club to foster young outstanding citizens of the future. 

A successful Leo Advisor uses their talents and experience to facilitate the above aforementioned and ensures each Leo graduates from the Leos program with happy memories, lifetime friends, and a better person.

This page is dedicated to the Leos Advisor and provides resources and guidance to ensure the success of the Leos program.


Leos Advisor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the orientation and ongoing development of the Leo club members

  • Promote Leo club activities

  • Attend each Leo club and board of directors meeting

  • Encourage each LEOS to expand their capability through mentorship, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and fellowship.

  • Promote good decision making without bias.

  • Assist Leos in planning, developing, and executing projects while giving Leos a free hand to encourage creativity and build confidence through accomplishment and failure.

  • Ensure new Leos receive orientation and new member materials

  • Recognize Leos for their achievements

  • Encourage graduating Leos to become Lions

  • Safeguard and protect Leos from abuse, bullying, and other detriments.

  • Complete the Youth Protection Training bi-annually.

  • Serve as the liaison between the sponsoring Lions club and the Leo club


Lion Leos Project Chair

  • Ensures and executes all the duties and responsibilities of a Leos Advisor

  • Facilitate and chairs advisor meetings

  • Ensures all Lions International, Lions District 4C4, and Millbrae Lions Club Leo and Youth Protection policies are adhered to.

  • Laison between the Millbrae Lions Club

  • Reports to the President of the Millbrae Lions Club

  • Periodically gives a report to the Millbrae Lions Club Board of Directors

  • Account for funds and report use and balance to Millbrae Lions Club



Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. The more a parent volunteers, the better the Leos experience. Consider becoming a Lions Club member. Click here for information.

If you plan to or want to chaperone or volunteer with Leos on a frequent basis, you must become a Lions Club member and complete the Lions Youth Protection Training. Click here for information.

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