making an impact

  • School fundraisers

  • donations to school programs

  • donations to lions eye/hearing program

  • volunteer for other non-profits

  • volunteer for school activities

  • host community events

  • raise money for community projects

  • support/host youth programs

Operation Masks for Millbrae

Do you shop at AMAZON?         Yes   

Did you know Amazon will give some of its profit on each purchased item to a non-profit?      Really?  

Click here to designate the Millbrae Lions to receive a donation from Amazon when you shop.    Sure!  

Meet wonderful people and work together to help our community.  

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Millbrae Lions


Online. Email for information

1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month

7:00 pm

Donations go directly to the community, youth and senior programs.  0% of donations go to Millbrae Lions.

Millbrae Lions volunteer and support dozens of community projects a year. Get the community spirit and see what we do. Click above for more information.

Meet the needs of the community, encourage acceptance and kindness, and promote a better community through service.

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